Class Agents

Magill Walk

Class Agents play a critical role in philanthropic support for Swarthmore College.

We want you to know how deeply grateful we are for your work as a volunteer, especially since we realize there are many demands on your time. As a Class Agent, you are a unique link to your classmates. In the countdown years between reunions, your role centers on relationship building and connecting with your classmates. In reunion years, your fundraising role builds on the relationships you’ve developed as you help your classmates understand the transformational nature of their gifts. Reunion gifts to The Swarthmore Fund enable extraordinary students to graduate from Swarthmore with an education that focuses on intellectual excellence, creativity, and changing the world for the common good. With your efforts as a Class Agent, you, too, are changing the world. 

Our staff is here to support you. We have organized this site to inform and encourage Class Agent activity in different ways. In reunion years, we are providing you with targeted staff support so you can reach your class goals. In the countdown years, we offer a framework for independent action that allows for flexibility in terms of how you connect with classmates. As a Garnet Sage, we appreciate your years of dedication and want you to pursue your support of the College in ways that work best for you. Please explore this site for information, ideas, and inspiration.

We welcome you to the valued community of Class Agents and thank you for your generous efforts on behalf of your class. Remember that for so many Swarthmore students, you are making the impossible possible.