The 1864 Society

Students talking on Magill Walk steps.


The 1864 Society, named for the year Swarthmore College was founded, celebrates the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends who make a leadership gift to the College each year.

Membership in The 1864 Society is based on the amount of the donation. Those whose gifts total at least $1,864 annually qualify, though our newest alumni can join for donations as little as $100. This amount increases as alums get older, move into their careers, and develop more financial capacity. Throughout the course of the year, the College sponsors various social gatherings for members of the The 1864 Society, enabling leadership donors to get to know one another. These gatherings also provide opportunities for Society members to offer advice and perspectives to the College's administrative leaders.

The mission of The 1864 Society at Swarthmore College is to:

  • Promote active interest and participation in the life of the College among alumni, parents, and friends
  • Encourage an exemplary standard of giving in support of the College
  • Provide opportunities for Society members to engage with College leaders

Philanthropic support from members of The 1864 Society benefits every student and faculty member. Levels of giving within the Society memorialize early advocates of the College whose generosity laid the foundation for the exceptional institution we know today.