The 1864 Council

Parrish Hall

The 1864 Council, a group of Swarthmore alumni and parents appointed by the College, serves as a resource to the College and members of The 1864 Society on issues relating to The 1864 Society and leadership giving to the institution. Council members have multiple areas of responsibility:

  • Serve as a sounding board to explore engagement opportunities and messaging surrounding The 1864 Society. Members hold several conference calls a year to discuss The 1864 Society's successes and challenges in effectively spreading the message of the importance of leadership giving to the College.
  • Demonstrate philanthropic leadership by making a gift to the College at the leadership level. Council members lead by example, making a gift to the College every year that renews their membership in The 1864 Society of leadership level donors. Learn more about The 1864 Society levels of giving.
  • Serve as a resource to the broader College community about leadership giving. Actively encourage fellow alumni and parents to become members of The 1864 Society and Rose Garden Associates and be able to speak about the importance of leadership-level support to the College.

Paul Kuenstner '80 and Margaret Weston '10 are currently serving as co-chairs of The 1864 Council. A list of all current Council members is listed below.

For more information about The 1864 Council or leadership giving, please contact Brian Myers, Associate Director, The Swarthmore Fund, at or 914-325-4412.

Current Members:

Leslie Abbey '90
Alexander Benn '08
Annie Burke Benn '08
Owen Davis '78 P’11
Vernon Drew P'13
Leslie Aucoin P'13
Belle Vreeland Hoverman '67 P’03
Paul Kuenstner '80, co-chair
Inger Larsen '88
Keith MacAdam '65
Anna Orgera '83
Richard Sager '74
David Schroeder '77
Amy Guildroy '78
Adam Schuman '87
Cyrus Stoller '10
David Tornquist '78
Rachel Weinberger '80
Molly Weston '10, co-chair
James Wieler '13