Copies & Permissions

Colored book illustration, "Guglielmo Penn, alla fondazione di Filadelfia"

Book illustration, "Guglielmo Penn, alla fondazione di Filadelfia"

Scanning Overview:

Permission for scanning of original photographs and other documents is given at the discretion of the Curator and depends primarily on the condition of the original. Quality of the scan cannot be guaranteed by FHL.

Please note: Rush requests (with less than a 5 day turn-around) will be subject to an extra fee of $5.00.

  • Digital images for publication or web use can be provided by FHL Staff. Where a good microfilm copy of the original exists, scanning may be done from the film. Client is supplied a 400 dpi jpg or tif image. Cost per scan is $25., supplied to patron via online link, and includes up to 15 minutes staff retrieval time. For anything other than personal use, clients must also obtain permission to use the image and may be asked to pay a publication fee. If more than 15 minutes of research is needed to pull originals, staff time is billed at $10. per half hour.
  • Swarthmore College staff and students only may use scanning equipment in Friends Historical Library by prior appointment. They must supply their own cds or usb drives and must be familiar with the equipment so as to need minimal staff assistance. Members of the Alumni or Publications Offices of Swarthmore College may on permission of the Curator remove College Archives originals for 24 hours to scan on their departmental equipment. Publications Office will supply FHL with a copy of the scan so that the item will not have to be handled a second time.
  • Researchers may not use their own scanners in the Library. However, hand-held cameras without flash may be used; items may not be placed on the floor or taken outside of the Libary. Users may also use their own usb drives to capture digital images from microfilm. Persons wishing to photograph originals with their own camera or scan microfilm to their own usb drive must complete the copyright acknowledgement form and pay a daily facilities fee of $5.00.

Certain restricted or fragile material may not be able to be digitized.

Copyrighted material may only be reproduced in accordance with regulations as specified by copyright law. Researchers using the Library assume legal responsibility for observing these regulations and agree to idemnify the Library for any liability incurred through their use of the Library's holdings.

Reproductions cannot be used by researchers for publication in any format without due regard for copyright and other legal restrictions. Permission to copy does not constitute permission to publish. Publication privileges may be secured only upon the joint authorization of the Curator of Friends Historical Library and the holder of the literary property rights.

Checks should be made payable to Friends Historical Library and mailed to Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College, 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1399. Payment and required forms must be received before images can be sent out.