Catered Breakfast Options

10-person minimum
Priced per person

Breakfast Selections Price
Fresh Brewed Regular and Decaf Coffee and Assorted Teas 2.50
...Add Orange Juice  (add per person)  .75
Assorted Bagels with Coffee and Tea 4.25
Homemade Apple or Blueberry Coffee Crumb Cake, Assorted Bagels with Cream Cheese and served with Fresh Brewed Coffee And Assorted Teas 5.75
A Variety of Fresh Baked Pastries, Assorted Bagels with Cream Cheese, Coffee, Tea and Orange Juice 6.25
   --- with Sliced Seasonal Fruit (add per person) 1.00                 
Lox and Bagels served with Cream Cheese, Capers and Minced Red Onion,
Coffee Cake Accompanied with Coffee, Tea and Orange Juice
Fresh Baked Quiche, Fruit Skewers, Assorted Danish served with Coffee, Tea and Orange Juice 9.50