Theater Department Course Offerings


Click to see what is available without audition or prerequisite here. Requirements for Course Majors, Course Minors, Honors Majors, and Honors Minors are available here. Additional information on course schedules for upcoming semesters is available on the bulletin boards outside the Theater Department Office (LPAC 013) and in the Academic Catalog. Please direct any further questions to Jean Tierno, Administrative Assistant for the Theater Department at x8149 or This information is subject to change. 

Fall 2013
Course Number Course Name Taught By
001 Theater & Performance Elizabeth Stevens
002A Acting I Quinn Bauriedel
004B Lighting Design James Murphy
004C Costume Design Laila Swanson
006 Playwriting Workshop Adriano Shaplin
015 Performance Theory & Practice Allen Kuharski, Chair
022 Production Ensemble Elizabeth Stevens
034 Advanced Design Design Faculty
035 Directing I Elizabeth Stevens
099 Senior Company Matt Saunders
Spring 2014
Course Number Course Name Taught By
002A Acting I Elizabeth Stevens
003 Fundamentals of Design Matt Saunders
004A Set Design Matt Saunders
004D Integrated Media Design Tara Webb
012 Acting II Elizabeth Stevens
021 Production Dramaturgy Rebecca Wright
025 Solo Performance Alex Torra
034 Advanced Design Design Faculty
055 Directing II Allen Kuharski, Chair
106 Theater History Seminar Allen Kuharski, Chair
180 Senior Honors Theses/Projects Faculty Advisors

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