Night of Scenes (1995)

The Department of Theater presents a night of scenes by the students of Directing I, the Directing Workshop (THEA 035).

Excerpts from A Lie of the Mind

By Sam Shepard. Directed by Sarah Sanford.

Excerpts from Betrayal

By Harold Pinter. Directed by Jove Graham.

Excerpts from Dutchman

By Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones). Directed by Martin Carrillo.

Excerpts from Here We Are

By Dorothy Parker. Directed by Solveig Holum.

Excerpts from Home Free!

By Lanford Wilson. Directed by Lesley Tsina.

Excerpts from Marty

By Paddy Chayefsky. Directed by Morgan Phillips.

Excerpts from The Cocktail Party

By T.S. Eliot. Directed by Robert Dull.

Location: Frear Ensemble Theatre
Date: December 2, 1995