Night of Scenes (1993)

The Department of Theater presents a night of scenes by the students of Directing I, the Directing Workshop (THEA 035).

Excerpts from Hurlyburly

By David Rabe. Directed by Matt Fittsimons. Featuring Michaelangelo Celli, Alec Marotta, Tom Lincoln, and Wilson Hall.

Excerpts from Speed the Plow

By David Mamet. Directed by Micheline Murphy. Featuring Adam Koplan and Tom Lincoln.

Excerpts from Talk to me like the rain and let me listen...

By Tennessee Williams. Directed by Teri Minton. Featuring Dave Jenemann and Sanda Balaban.

Excerpts from The Collection

By Harold Pinter. Directed by Brent Askari. Featuring John Spiegelman and John Byhouwer.

Excerpts from The Stronger

By August Strindberg. Directed by Lourdes Mattei. Featuring Irene Pedraza and Joan Friedman.

Location: Frear Ensemble Theatre
Date: May 4, 1993