CO-ED Psychotherapy Process Groups

These confidential groups are open to any student who wants to explore issues that can interfere with connecting and relating to others. The groups are intended to provide a space for students to talk, explore, and share their experiences of themselves in relationship to others while navigating the troubling barriers that inhibit open and unencumbered human connection.

Two separate groups are offered on:  Mondays, & Thursdays, from 4:15-5:45 PM; September 29st to November 28th

Groups will not meet during Fall Break (week of 10/10) or Thanksgiving week (week of 11/21)

Groups will remain open until filled. All interested students should contact Dr. Diane Shaffer, Groups Coordinator (610-328-8059 or to express interest or to learn more about these groups.


Trauma Support Group

Traumatic experiences often play hide and seek with us. We sometimes isolate ourselves from them to be functional, but feel numb and invisible. Other times, we are significantly disturbed by past events, while feeling fearful of this being seen by others.

This group will be offered during the Spring Term.

The group will focus on reflecting about and talking through a variety of experiences related to a past or recent trauma, which may hamper certain areas of our lives.

Individual group members might have different needs from others and various assets to offer. One of the main goals of the group will be to support our experiences based on our own needs and limits, and to contain our experiences in a confidential place.

Interested students will schedule a 15-20 minute consultation with Heejin Kim to ensure that their needs and the group services are an appropriate match. This consultation will also provide the opportunity to ask questions about the group.

To schedule a consultation, please call Terry McGrath at 610-328-8059 or email