Nathaniel Erskine '10

Nathaniel Erskine

Erskine lives in Worcester, Mass., where he is pursuing an M.D./Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts. As a medical student, he is learning how to help patients combat infectious diseases ranging from HIV to Lyme disease and hopes to better understand the interactions between viruses and human cells through a thesis project that intersects genetics, molecular biology, and microbiology.

A young alumnus representative to the Board since 2012, Erskine strives to improve the interface between students and the Board. He finds an exciting challenge in balancing the concerns of the current campus with the strategic focus of the Board. Through dialogues on strategic planning, endowment policies, and campus safety, he has continually admired the thoughtfulness, dedication and compassion of Swarthmore's students, faculty, staff, and Board members.

Erskine graduated from Swarthmore with high honors in 2010 with a major in chemistry and a minor in history. Before starting medical school, he worked as a medicinal chemist in the Republic of Singapore. He is ecstatic that his younger sister is a member of the Class of 2017.