Graduate Accomplishments

Many of our students who are now in graduate school have been awarded full fellowships by their institutions.

Elena Ruyter '14, Studio artist

Alex Anderson '13, MFA Program, UCLA.

Tasha Lewis '12, Studio Artist, Accepted into the 2014 Bronx Museum of Art, AIM Program

Estella Miyuki Baker '12, Artist. Editor, Queer Scribe.

Alicia Dewitt '11, MFA Design graduate program, SVA, New York.

Jing Yi Ng '11, Graduate School of Design program, Harvard University

Sara Daley '10, M.A. Program in Design History and Material Culture, National College of Art and Design, Dublin

Clare Kobasa '10, Ph.D. program in Art History, Columbia University, New York. Curatorial and Research Fellow, Slought Foundation, Philadelphia

Nicole Singer '10, Spent 5 months as deckhand aboard the New England schooner Mystic Whaler. Intends on Pursuing an M.A. in Art Eduction.

Julia Barber '09, Ph.D. Program in Art History, Brown University, Providence

Genise Choy '09, Resource/Advancement & Outreach Coordinator, Providence ¡CityArts! for Youth, Inc, 

Fletcher Coleman '09, M.A. program in Chinese literature and Culture, University of Colorado, Boulder 

Susan Eberhard, '09, PhD Program in American art history, Berkeley, University of California

Lin Gyi, '09, Program Analyst, National Human Genome Research Institute at the National Institutes of Health. Currently enrolled at New York Medical College.

Yuan Liu, '09, PennDesign, Admissions, Administrative Assistant 

Sean Nesselrode '09, Ph.D. program, specializing in Modern Latin American art, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. 

Laura Post '09, M.A. Program Printmaking at RISD. Printmaker.

Susannah Blair '08, M.A. program in Art History, Williams College, Williamstown

Sarah Burford '08, Public Relations and Fellowship Coordinator, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, New York

Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo '08, Studio artist

Kira Grennan '08, post-baccalaureate program in painting and drawing, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Ars, Philadelphia

Sara Haley '08, Marketing Associate, Redmoon Theater, Chicago

Sophie Horowitz '08, M.A. program in Philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

Meredith Leich '08, Program Associate at the Six Points Fellowship for Emerging Jewish Artists. Freelance graphic designer.

Rory Sykes '08, PhD program in Art History, Northwestern University, Evanston

Rachel Turner '08, M.S. program in Occupational Therapy, New York University, New York

Eric Glover, '07, Ph.D. Program in English, Princeton University

Blake Roberts '07, M.A. & M.S. program in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning; and Agriculture, Food and the Environment, Tufts University, Boston

Michelle Wang, '07, PhD Program Art History, University of California, Berkeley, Chinese Art

Robert Alford '06, PhD Program, Film and Media, UC Berkeley

Verónica Betancourt, '06, M.A. program Art Education, Ohio State. 

Katina Cadenas, '06, Graduate Program in Museum Studies, Tufts University

Ruth Halvey, '06, PhD program in Spanish and Portuguese, Princeton University

Laura Holzman, '06, PhD, Visual Studies, University of California, Irvine. Public Scholar of Curatorial Practices and Visual Art, IUPUI

Anna Leach, '06, Masters of Architecture (2009), California College of the Arts, San Francisco 

Katia Lom '06, full time artist and choreorgrapher, London. 

Lisa Nelson '06, M.A. program in Art History and Art Conservation, New York University, Institute of Fine Arts

Joseph Altuzarra, '05, Womenswear fashion designer, ALTUZARRA

Anne Ronan, '05, PhD Program in Art History, Stanford University, American Art

Alexandra Sastre, '05, PhD Program, University of Pennsylvania Annenberg School of Communication

Njideka Akunyili, '04, Studio artist

Audrey Chan '04, M.F.A. (2007), California Institute of the Arts. Project Specialist in the Education Department, J. Paul Getty Museum.

Leah Davis, '04, MFA program in Graphic Design, Boston University. Web producer, Boston University, Alumni Relations.

Elizabeth Leininger, '04, PhD (2010), Neurobiology and Behavior, Columbia University

Claire Ruud, '04, Deputy Director of Administration, Santa Monica Museum of Art. MBA, Yale School of Management.  M.A., Modern and Contemporary Art, University of Texas, Austin

Olivia Gruber, '03, PhD Program in Art History, Rutgers University, Nineteenth-Century Austrian Art

Sam Sadow, '03, PhD Program, City University of New York, Modern German Art. M.A., Courtauld Institute in London.

Becca Van Fleet Webb, '03, Full-time studio potter

Stefan Gary, '02, PhD program in Earth and Ocean Science, Duke University

Michelle Lee, '02, Harvard Design School, Architecture

Jonathan Stancato, '02, Co-Artistic Director, Stolen Chair Theatre, New York

Emily Moore, '01, PhD program in Native American and American Art, University of California Berkeley

Eben Myers '01, Production Lead, Etcetera Edutainment

Ryan Neiheiser, '01, M.A. Architecture, 2008, Princeton University.

Zoe Whitley, '01, Curator of Contemporary Programmes, Victoria and Albert Museum, London,

Laura Wolfram, '01, M.A. 2006, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, Medieval Art

Eva Allan '00, PhD program in Art History, Yale University, New Haven

George Francis Flaherty '00, PhD, art and architectural history, UC Santa Barbara, 2011. Assistant Professor of Art History, specializing in modern and contemporary Mexican and Chicano art, UT Austin.

Susan Novak, '00, Deloitte Consulting, Strategy and Operations Practice, Senior Manager. MBA (2005), Duke University Fuqua School of Business.

Catherine Yoon, '00, Law, Columbia Law School.

Anne Drew Potter '99, Ceramicist