Flood Line (from Karelia, where summer of 1998 was unusually wet and rainy)
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In my day job as a Professor of Professor of Russian at Swarthmore College
Russian Language and Literature - 20th Century Russian Poetry - Russian Women Writers
Croatian Literature - Serbian Literature - Literary Translation (Theory and Practice)
Folk Music - Fortune Telling (especially Tarot)
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The book is not out yet, but the cover she is chosen!

cover design for Russian Silver Age Poetry: Texts and Contexts features part of a painting by Vasilii Kandinsky

Baba Yaga is out!
See this gorgeous edition from University Press of Mississippi - with thanks to Helena Goscilo, who wrote the image captions; Marty Skoro, who selected images and worked on the design; Jack Zipes, who wrote the preface!

The cover of Baba Yaga: The Wild Witch of the East in Russian Fairy Tales

Order a copy of my translation of Vladimir Propp's book The Russian Folktale on the Wayne State University Press web site!

Picture of the cover of Vldimir Propp's THE RUSSIAN FOLKTALE

See also! - Women in Nineteenth-Century Russia: Lives and Culture from Open Books Publishers

Relocations: 3 Contemporary Russian Women Poets - selections of poems by Polina Barskova, Anna Glazova, and Maria Stepanova, translated by Catherine Ciepiela, Anna Khasin and yours truly, edited and introduced by Catherine Ciepiela, in a beautiful bilingual edition from Zephyr Press.

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A virtual tour of the monastery on Solovki Islands in the White Sea, with pictures (taken in 1995)

A gallery of photographs from the village of Kuzaranda, taken in July 1998

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