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Maximize Your Job and Internship Search

MetroLink DC
On February 15, 2013, fifteen Swarthmore students attended MetroLink D.C. in order to get a leg up on their job and internship search.

Metrolink DC is one of interviewing consortia Swarthmore students attend each year. This year Swarthmore joined Duke University, The College of William and Mary, and Yale University in Washington DC where students interviewed for full-time jobs and internships.  About sixteen employers including think tanks, media agencies, consulting, research, and financial firms participated in this year's event. Some of the employers included: The Advisory Board, Edgeworth Economics, Urban Institute, and ProOrbis.  Over 15 Swarthmore students spent a day interviewing with various organizations. Griffin Dowdy '13 described the experience as "...smooth, low-pressure, and as positive as an interview process could be. I would highly recommend taking the trip down to DC for this event!"

A consortium interview day is an effective way for students to meet with multiple employers all in one day. The participating schools are responsible for recruiting employer and candidates apply to as many positions that they find interesting. The most successful candidates had their application materials reviewed by a Career Peer Advisor or Career Counselor before submission. Employers make their decisions to interview selected students, who then are expected to meet in one central location for a day of interviews. Typically, students spend a half or full day interviewing and travelling to the event.

Some students interview for one position, but many others interview for several in one day. Although having several interviews in one day can be challenging, it is an effective way to maximize your search. For many students, taking the time to travel back and forth to Washington DC during a busy semester can feel like impossible task, even if it means potentially landing a job or internship. However, the benefits can greatly outweigh the challenges.  Applying through a consortium interview day increases the likelihood of getting interviews, rather than simply applying online through the organization's website since participating employers have a strong interest in hiring students from participating schools. 

Students, if you're interested in participating in Metrolink DC next year, look out for the application deadline in late January.  You can also learn more about our other consortia interview days.  Employers, to learn about participating in Metrolink DC or any other consortia recruiting events, visit our list of interview days and career fairs.