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Recycling Made Simple

By Carol Brévart-Demm

14c.jpgTo simplify the lives of the College’s community of passionate recyclers, a new single-stream-recycling system has been introduced this year, which enables all recyclable materials to be deposited into the same bins.

Recycling containers around campus that were previously limited to receiving only one type of material are now depositories for all paper and cardboard that are not contaminated by food, including envelopes with clear address windows, metal clasps, and string ties; aluminum and bimetallic cans; glass of all colors; and most types of plastics except for types 3, containing vinyl or PVC, and 6, containing polystyrene, all of which may release toxic breakdown products when heated.

All recyclable matter is being sent for sorting to Philadelphia-based Blue Mountain Recycling. “Many local municipalities, including the Borough of Swarthmore, are turning to single-stream recycling,” says Jeff Jabco, director of grounds and coordinator of horticulture.

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