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A Note to Readers

By Jeffrey Lott, Editor


April 2008 Bulletin cover

Two years ago, we redesigned the Bulletin to be more environmentally friendly. Part of that effort was to reduce our average edition by eight pages. This year, as part of an $8 million budget adjustment being implemented at Swarthmore, we—along with colleagues across campus—have looked for ways to reduce operating costs.

We have responded in two ways.

First, we are bringing the design of the magazine in-house. We formerly used a freelance designer for this role, but beginning with the October 2010 issue, Phillip Stern ’84, associate director of publications for design, will become the art director of the Bulletin.

Also in October, we will begin mailing the magazine in two different 56-page versions. Each will contain the same news, features, and editorial content—and the same number of pages we have always devoted to these sections—but Class Notes will be split into two distinct class categories and, through selective binding, mailed only to alumni in certain class years. Some Notes will appear in both editions, and this overlap will assure that, no matter which edition you receive, it will carry Notes for classes at least three years before or after your year of graduation. Here’s how the overlap will work:

Class Year    Version    Years Back    Years Forward
1972                A                all                  5
1973                A                all                  4
1974                A                all                  3
1975                B                 3                  all
1976                B                 4                  all
1977                B                 5                  all
(Class year split subject to change)

Thus, if you are a member of the Class of 1974 or earlier, you will receive Version A, with all the classes before you and at least three years after. If you are a member of the Class of 1975 or after, you will receive Version B, with all the classes after you and at least three years before. Parents and past parents will also receive the appropriate edition, any reader wishing to receive both editions may be placed on both lists upon request.

The Bulletin will continue to bring you the same high quality writing, photography, and design—connecting you to the College and to your classmates. And, annually, we’ll save more than 10,000 pounds of paper and significant postage costs, further reducing the environmental impact of the magazine. The estimated annual saving to the College for all of these changes will be approximately $70,000.

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