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The Swarthmore Network

By Carol Brévart-Demm

The success of Career Services’ programs is, in large part, due to the role that alumni play in supporting the office’s work, says Nancy Burkett.
“As well as sponsoring the Extern Program, which impacts so many students and is a wonderful learning opportunity, it is the alumni who send us the most interesting and intellectually stimulating [...]

“A Vote for Ken Hechler is a Vote Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining.”

By Peter Slavin

Although he was born two years earlier than the late Sen. Robert Byrd, to many West Virginians, it made sense that Ken Hechler ’35 would challenge Gov. Joe Manchin in the Democratic primary to replace Byrd. An independent streak in politics and passionate dislike for strip mining have been defining features of Hechler’s seemingly endless [...]

Religion and Politics—A Good Mix?

By Peter Slavin

At Swarthmore’s baccalaureate ceremony in June, Professor of Religion Mark Wallace mentioned Mathew Louis-Rosenberg in the same breath as College co-founder Lucretia Mott, women’s suffragist Alice Paul (Class of 1905), and civil rights worker Ralph Roy ’50. He called them all “religious prophets,” singular Swarthmoreans who have resisted the evils of American society—slavery, male dominance, [...]

My First Lover Returns from Iraq

By Keetje Kuipers (written in 2004)

After all these years of not loving you,
you’ve become the man I build
every poem from, your naked shape
the clay I mold to place at the base of a tree
or in the soft folds of a morning bedroom.
I make your hands into fruit and set them
in bowls, your feet flower from the ends
of frayed pants. In [...]

Leadership, Liberal Arts, and the Common Good: An Inaugural Symposium

By Laura Markowitz ’85

IN THE HOURS BEFORE HER INAUGURATION CEREMONY, PRESIDENT REBECCA CHOPP joined about 300 members of the College community at a symposium that addressed two urgent questions facing America today: How should we re-imagine civil discourse? And what should the College be doing to create tomorrow’s leaders in environmental sustainability?
The first panel discussion, “Re-imagining Civil Discourse,” [...]

More Photos from Swarthmore College Commencement 2010

Watch: Remarks of Honorary Degree Recipients, President Rebecca Chopp, other  Commencement, as well as Last Collection, and Baccalaureate speakers.
Honorary Degree Recipients:
John Braxton ’70, activist

Stephen Lang ’73, actor

Robert Michael Franklin Jr, Morehouse College President

Bonnie Bassler, Princeton University microbiologist

Shul in Shanksville

By Robert Strauss

It was Yom Kippur, 2001, and Rick Hellman couldn’t get home for services. He was heading up the forensic pathology team investigating Flight 93 in Shanksville, halfway across Pennsylvania from his Delaware County home.
“I tried so hard in the previous two weeks of working there to emotionally detach myself,” said Hellman, almost a decade after [...]

Dirk Schoonmaker ’80

Schoonmaker skis perfect corn snow on a Spring day at Jake's Peak on Lake Tahoe's west shore.

Schoonmaker with TNSAR members Doug Read (left) and Bernie Mellor prepare a landing zone for a California Highway Patrol helicopter team that will land and train with them.

Schoonmaker with friend and climbing partner Randall Osterhuber prepare their camp at [...]

Financial Aid in Action

By Carol Brévart-Demm

When biology major Sara Lipshutz ’11 talks about her life at Swarthmore, you can’t help being awed by the number and scope of activities she crams into her 18-or-so daily waking hours. You also feel compelled to breathe for her, because she appears never to take the time to do it for herself. [...]

A Lesson in Formal Analysis

Without thinking about the subject matter of each painting, compare Francisco Goya’s Third of May, 1808 to Jacques Louis David’s Oath of the Horatii. Consider each artist’s use of color, light, shadow, and gesture. Make a list of how each of these attributes conveys the painting’s expressive content—not just the story, but the meaning and [...]