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John “Pat” Paterson ’53

box_Patersons_IMG_3328.jpgJohn “Pat” Paterson ’53 and his wife Katherine Paterson collaborated to write The Flint Heart, which was named a “best book of the year” by Publishers Weekly in 2011. The authors retell a 1910 British fantasy of the same title by Eden Phillpotts, in which a heart-shaped stone, created during the Stone Age, possesses the ability to transform its owner into a mean and cruel person. Thousands of years into the future, the stone heart falls by chance into the hands of a good and kind farmer. When the farmer becomes evil as a result, his children set out to seek a cure for their father, with the help of mystical creatures along the way. Kirkus Reviews described the story as “a magical adventure” that “should win the hearts of a new generation.”

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