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Come, Pip, come!

A few issues back (winter 2019), there was a circa-1927 campus map reproduced, along with a question about the dog on the map, “Who is Pip Pollard?” Pip was my mother’s and her brother’s (my Uncle Spots Pollard) dog who was a campus fixture for several years in the 1920s.

I am told, although I have not seen this in print, that in Uncle Spots’s Class of 1922 Halcyon there is an entry and photo for Pip Pollard along with the other seniors. Actually, Pip was around after the Class of 1922 graduated. Still on campus when my mother was living there (which she did only during her freshman and senior years), Pip easily climbed the Parrish stairs to find my mother’s room.

Hope all else goes reasonably well in these uncertain times. Looking forward to another return to campus.

— BOB FETTER ’53, Cockeysville, Md.