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Tigers in America

Tigers in America, a nonprofit founded by Kizmin Reeves ’72 and her husband, Bill Nimmo, announced the winners of the first photo and video contest to celebrate International Tiger Day on July 29.

The contest, co-sponsored by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, aimed to bring awareness to the plight of tiger breeding in America — a problem highlighted this spring by the true-crime Netflix documentary miniseries Tiger King. “Although the show did mention tigers from time to time, it barely scratched the surface of what horrors these animals face because of human greed, and nothing has changed,” says Reeves, who has devoted her retirement life to stopping the breeding and sale of tigers.

Since 2011, efforts by Reeves and Nimmo have saved the lives of 392 animals. Not only does Tigers in America rescue and advocate for laws to protect the animals, but the organization is also working with Stanford University on mapping the tiger genome.