Weed the People

Winter 2019

I was pleased to see the Bulletin take notice of the legal cannabis industry, but surprised it didn’t cover the industry in a more expansive, inclusive way.



Winter 2019

Please use the Bulletin to tell alumni far more about the myriad metrics of the incoming class, the varied student activities, and the plans and decisions of the graduating class. 

Gabe Tajeu ’03

Overheard Online

Winter 2019

Some of us were lucky enough to hang out with my fellow Swat Mock Trial Team alum Gabriel Tajeu ’03, currently featured in the Bulletin, during Garnet Weekend!! 


Happy Endings

Winter 2019

I teach a course called “Preparing for Your Own Death” where we cover topics such as: What would be a good death? What are “green” alternatives to embalming or cremation? (My favorite is a papier-mâché clamshell that opens underwater to release your ashes.) Can you carry a dead body in your car? What happens in hospice?