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Week 1: Riddle 45
Week 2: Riddle 76
Week 3: Riddle 25
Week 4: Riddle 23
Week 5: Riddle 27


These riddle exercises were developed for use by beginning students of Old English. As the readings progress, they assume more familiarity with Old English grammar. Thus at the beginning I have given extensive notes on each of the half-lines, explaining both the meanings of words and their cases along with notes about complexities of reading or meaning.

Later on in the sequence I assume a student's familiarity with the case endings and the grammar. The riddles are thus meant to be used during the first 6 weeks of learning Old English.

My goal in this is not only to offer an alternative way of introducing students to Old English while they are studying the grammar, but also to give them access to some literary texts which may indicate something of the complexity and beauty of the poems which they will eventually have the skills to read.