Riddle 27

Ic wiht geseah wundorlice
hornum bitweonum huþe lædan,
lyftfæt leohtlic listum gegierwed,
huþe to þam ham of þam heresiþe.
Walde hyre on þære byrig bur atimbran,
searwum asettan, gif hit swa meahte.
Ða cwom wundorlicu wiht ofer wealles hrof
seo is eallum cuð eorðbuendum;
ahredde þa þa huþe, ond to ham bedraf
wreccan ofer willan-- gewat hyre west þonan
fæhþum feran, forð onette.
Dust stonc to heofonum; deaw feol on eorþan;
niht forð gewat. Nænig siþþan
wera gewiste þære wihte sið.
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