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Michael Kuehlwein ’80

box_kuehlwein_michael.jpgMichael Kuehlwein ’80 has received the 2010 Wig Distinguished Professor Award for Excellence in Teaching, which recognizes exceptional teaching, concern for students, and service to Pomona College and the community. Kuehlwein is the George E. and Nancy O. Moss Professor of Economics and teaches Macroeconomic Theory, Principles of Macroeconomics, and Advanced Macroeconomics Analysis. This is the fifth time that he has been selected for the Wig Award whose recipients are chosen by junior and senior students. One student remarked: “Professor Kuehlwein goes out of his way to make economics exciting and engaging. He has a fantastic ability to explain concepts in terms that students can understand.” Kuehlwein’s research interests include theories of consumer spending and saving, the effects of budget deficits on interests rates, and the impact of railroads on grain market integration and famines in 19th-century India.

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