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Dana Carroll ’65

Dana Carroll ’65 was awarded the 2012 Novitski Prize from the Genetics Society of America. The prize, Dana_Carroll____65.jpg named for the late geneticist Edward Novitski, recognizes “extraordinary creativity and intellectual ingenuity in solving significant problems in genetic research.”

Carroll’s research focuses on developing novel tools to make specific, targeted changes in chromosomal DNA. Researchers working with many different model organisms have adopted his approach, and clinical trials with the technology are underway. His work allows researchers to introduce engineered changes in genes of interest into living experimental organisms.

Carroll began studying proteins called zinc finger nucleases, in the mid-’90s. When Johns Hopkins University researchers developed the proteins, he understood their potential to make gene targeting more efficient.

Carroll has been on the faculty at the University of Utah since 1975 and served as chair of the biochemistry department for 24 years. He continues to do research and teach at the university.

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