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Depiction of Israel challenged

I graduated from Swarthmore in 1949. In 1950–51 I moved to Baghdad, Iraq, to teach at the Queen Aliyah College for Moslem Women. That was a long time ago, as was the formation of the state of Israel.

I was surprised to see the Bulletin publish a letter opposing a proposed Swarthmore trip to Israel that cited arguments from “the Palestinian Narrative” hoping to engender interest in a boycott or divestment in Israel, particularly when the citations rest on the happenings of 1948. There is also an “Israeli narrative,” and the truth probably lies somewhere between these two.

The cited 1948 incidents were one side of a complicated conflict. Palestinian authority leaders are not returning to the arguments of those times. Rather, the parties to the conflict are trying yet again to negotiate a peaceful solution to the problems of establishing Palestinian statehood. The Bulletin does no favor to the search for truth and the search for peaceful solutions by publishing one side of a bitter and long-standing dispute.

I would hope that anyone who visits the area at this time would talk with as many people as they can. Instead of a boycott, a tour might increase understanding and support of the current peace initiative.

Corinne Edwards Greenwald ’49
Arlington, Va.

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