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‘Bulletin’ builds bonds

My daughter is a graduate of the Class of 2012, and her education at Swarthmore was the greatest gift I could have given her. We retain our connection and bond with Swarthmore through her and, importantly, through the Bulletin.

While I was not selected for the survey that you mentioned in your October editor’s column, I’d like to share a very important point with you—the Bulletin is a mirror of what Swarthmore stands for, how young student minds and the College are evolving, what ideas and constructs are engaging the student and academic community, how the College is planning for the future. Most important, it makes for intelligent reading.

The quality of discourse, debate, dissemination of ideas, and writing reflects where Swarthmore is at this moment in time, and the Bulletin captures this effectively. It is also a reassurance that, while the College transforms itself, it retains its core values, which have stood the test of time and have been maintained into the future. When those core values are revisited and re-evaluated, as they should be, then the changes are disseminated through the Bulletin. I hope this essence of the Bulletin will always be maintained.

A final request—please do not succumb to publishing an online-only version!

Atul Kumar P’12
Mumbai, India

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