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Peter Conway sings


Peter Conway (ca. 1960)

Listen to Peter Conway singing on Tokyo radio and being interviewed by the Army during the 1950s.

This first cut starts out with a woman speaking Japanese. Associate Professor of Japanese and Section Head William Gardner translated her words:

Female voice: Everyone, do you know what it's like to be in love? I don't know that well myself, but it must be something aching and sweet, like you're floating in midair. Today, I'd like to take you there through a song—Almost Like Being in Love, which comes from the film Brigadoon. Peter Conway sings Almost Like Being in Love."

Also recorded while in the Army, Peter Conway sings Little Girl Blue.

2 Responses to “Peter Conway sings”

  1. Ah - old friend and neighbor - it's good to hear you singing again, even if it was so long ago. May you continue to sing - enjoy good health, and stay in touch - p.

  2. Great stuff - p.