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Aundrea Kelley ’72

Aundrea Kelley ’72 was named vice president for academic affairs at Quincy College, a two-year collegeAundrea_Kelley____72_Photo.jpg serving 4,600 students in Quincy and Plymouth, Mass. Kelley was deputy commissioner for P-16 policy (integrated education from preschool through a four-year degree) and collaborative initiatives at the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (DHE), which is the primary coordinating and policy-setting board for the state’s public colleges and universities.

Having worked for DHE for more than 17 years, including as acting commissioner for higher education, she and her staff have helped the department educate more students while providing them with relevant 21st-century skills.

Kelley, a sociology and anthropology major, earned an MBA from the University of Massachusetts–Boston. She also earned an M.S. and completed doctoral work (all but dissertation) in public policy from that same school.

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