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The Sharples Top 10 “Bars”

1. Caribbean Bar
Chef Benton Peak’s claim to fame is jerk chicken, “homemade with love,” featuring his special sauce. Plantains, yucca fries, and green beans almondine are among the fixings, and jerk tofu is offered as a vegan dish.

2. Pho Bar
Vietnam’s treasured noodle soup is a Swarthmore favorite. Options include vegetable along with traditional beef.

3. Oatmeal Bar
This Saturday morning breakfast delight includes three kinds of oatmeal (steel cut oats, plantain oatmeal, and apple cinnamon oatmeal) and topping choices ranging from brown sugar to blueberries.

4. Specialty Salad Bar
The tortellini and fresh fruit salads are perennially popular. The salad of choice features nuts, goat cheese, and candied cranberries on a bed of Romaine lettuce.

5. Greek Bar
Students can take a virtual trip to the Cyclades thanks to a menu that includes dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), Greek salad, spanakopita, baklava, and tzatziki.

6. Thai Bar
A culinary journey to Southeast Asia that features pad thai, chicken satay, red curry tofu, and red lentils.

7. Indian Bar
Sophisticated spices flavor authentic dishes including chicken vindaloo, samosas, palak paneer, and raita served with hot nan.

8. Pasta Bar
Students queue up quickly for pasta with three choices of sauces. Mangia!

9. Asian Bar
Favorites from the Far East include dumplings, lo mein, fried rice, and sauces.

10. Yogurt Parfait Bar
Ready for dessert? Yogurt Parfait Bar offers three flavors and a heavenly assortment of toppings. Peak and Kassab rank it No. 10.

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