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Rebecca Henderson Wynne ’86

box_wynne_henderson_rebecca.jpgRebecca Henderson Wynne ’86 was selected last summer for the University of Oregon (UO) High School Teacher Award. The award is given in appreciation of the fine teaching that has prepared students for the university. A science teacher at Catlin Gabel High School in Portland, Ore., since 1998, Wynne was nominated for the award by 2010 Catlin Gabel graduate Becky Coulterpark. “I am delighted by Becky Wynne’s dedication to excellent teaching,” says UO biology professor Karen Sprague. “I am especially gratified to those who’ve introduced students to the chemical and physical underpinnings of biology.” In addition to chemistry, Wynne has also taught physics, biology, and—despite being the daughter of two Cornell mathematicians (both members of the Swarthmore Class of ’61) and having emphatically told her mother, “I will never become a math teacher.”—math. Previously, she worked at Lakeside School in Seattle, Oregon Health Sciences University, and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

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