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Amy Sinden ’84

box_sinden_amy.jpgAmy Sinden ’84 has been recognized for an environmental article that she co-authored with David M. Driesen in 2009. The piece “The Missing Instrument: Dirty Input Limits” was chosen as one of the top five environmental law articles by a national panel of law professors and environmental scholars. The article originally appeared in the Harvard Environmental Law Review and was reprinted in the 2009–2010 edition of the Land Use and Environmental Law Review, an anthology representing the most insightful thinking on a wide range of current and emerging issues relating to environmental and land use regulation. In addition to environmental law, Sinden, a Temple law professor, has taught, lectured, and written in the areas of natural resources law, regulatory design, cost-benefit analysis, human rights, and climate change. “The Missing Instrument” argues for placing regulatory limits on the inputs that constitute the root causes of pollution, in addition to/instead of the polluting outputs themselves. Previously, Sinden served as senior counsel for Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future and associate attorney for EarthJustice Legal Defense Fund in Seattle. In 2006, she received the Friel/Scanlon Prize for Outstanding Scholarship.

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