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Talk About the Journey

“Perhaps to lose a sense of where you are implies the danger of losing a sense of who you are.”

That quote from Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man speaks to the themes explored in this robust winter Bulletin. As we celebrate Black Excellence at Swarthmore, we share the singular experiences of more than 40 Black alumni, the formation of two choirs, the evolution of Black studies, and the history of how “the House” became a home. Each story—whether detailing the pain of isolation, the conflict in forging new paths, or the joy of building community—is part of Swarthmore’s history: how it has changed its alumni, and how it’s been changed by them. With guest poets, writers, historians, civil rights leaders, artists, and scientists joining in the College’s celebrations, explore the great work being accomplished on this small campus, and meet the Swarthmoreans who are carrying their experiences and knowledge out into the world.