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A Long, Graceful Ride

I was happy to see the swing in the fall 2019 Quiz’more. This may be an item for a future quiz: Who put up the first swing, being on a huge tree on the front lawn below Clothier? From my limited knowledge, I believe it would be me.

I, living in Wharton, went to the hardware store in the Ville and bought 50 feet or more of strong, large-diameter rope, somehow built the seat, climbed the tree to tie the rope, and soon began to see many students enjoying the long, graceful ride.    

That was spring 1958. The swing was still being enjoyed when I returned as assistant dean of admissions in 1965–66.

However, perhaps there was an earlier swing, before my time. A quiz might ferret out an earlier swing raised by an earlier student.

Then the following question: How did the swing become a tradition, and who continued to maintain the swing? The College landscape crew?

—JOHN SCHUCHARDT ’61, Ipswich Mass.