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How well do you know your alma mater? Give this the ol’ College try!

1. How many varieties of roses are in the Dean Bond Rose Garden?

2. How many winning records did men’s basketball have prior to head coach Landry Kosmalski’s arrival?

3. What 1873 graduate known for her work in the humanities was the first U.S. woman to receive a Ph.D.?

4. What philosophy major developed a method of representing the 3-D structure of proteins, earning her an honorary degree?

5. What art history professor gave a keynote address at the 1999 Youth Odyssey Series titled “The Usefulness of Uselessness”? Hint: This person retired the following academic year.

Answer Key

1. 182. The garden was established to memorialize Elizabeth Powell Bond, Swarthmore’s dean of women from 1890 to 1906.

2. The Garnet had just 23 winning records between 1900 and 2012. (They’ve had four since Kosmalski took the helm.)

3. Helen Magill White. The daughter of Swarthmore’s second president, Edward Magill, Helen went on to graduate school at Boston University, where she earned a doctorate in Greek in 1877.

4. Jane Richardson ’62, H’86. The creator of the Richardson diagram, she is now a biochemistry professor at Duke University.

5. T. Kaori Kitao, the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor Emerita of Art History. You can find her speech in the June 2000 issue of the Bulletin (