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New releases by Swarthmoreans.

Anna Gade ’89
Muslim Environmentalisms
Columbia University Press

Incorporating Islamic perspectives into environmentalism, Gade shows the value of merging humanistic and religious views in understanding the global crisis. Having worked in Indonesia and South Asia, she brings together case studies on issues, such as disaster management, that include Islamic law and tradition to further understand our ethical responsibility to the environment.

Elizabeth Cohen ’95
Basic Books

A political scientist, Cohen traces the current immigration-enforcement crisis to roots in White-nationalist policies of the early 20th century, influenced then and now by well-educated elitists, both Democratic and Republican. She calls for a “saner approach” to existing laws and for streamlining the many agencies that deal with immigration. 

Karen Rosenthal Hilsberg ’85,
Mary Gorman, and Patricia Garcia, editors
The Forty-Two Chapters Sutra:Core Teachings of the Buddha: Zen Talks by Thich Phuoc Tinh

Hilsberg spent four years redacting and editing this first English commentary on the ancient sutra. These guidelines pave a path to personal peace, an inner safe space from worldly distractions, but require a commitment more than the Zen of weekly yoga. Hilsberg provides 21st-century insights into the Buddhist teaching “To be free from desire leads
to tranquility and peace.”

William Jacobs ’67
Whence These Special Places?
Great Rock Press

An insightful survey of North Carolina’s Highlands with photographs illustrating its mountains, cliff faces, and waterfalls. A lawyer, Jacobs spent years with boots on the ground exploring the relationship between the water and rocks of the extraordinary Highlands-Cashiers Plateau.  

Ken Meter ’71, Alison Blay-Palmer,
Damien Conare, Amanda DiBattista,
and Carla Johnston, editors  
Sustainable Food System Assessment: Lessons from Global Practice

With interest growing worldwide in food-system sustainability, this research provides practical initiatives and theoretical insights on food policy and the impacts on communities, emphasizing the importance of building connections among sustainable food system initiatives.   

James Kurth
The American Way of Empire: How America Won a World but Lost Her Way
Washington Books

Kurth, a Swarthmore professor emeritus of political science, offers an analysis of the American Century, which he dates from 1945 to 2020. He concludes that America is entering a new era that will most likely be defined by conflicts with power challengers China and Russia and predicts a world that could fundamentally change.

Joyce Frisby Baynes ’68, Harold Buchanan ’69, Jannette Domingo ’70, Marilyn Holifield ’69, Aundrea White Kelley ’72, Marilyn Allman Maye ’69, Myra E. Rose ’70, and Bridget Van Gronigen-Warren ’70
Seven Sisters and a Brother: Friendship, Resistance, and Untold Truths Behind Black Student Activism in the 1960s
Books & Books Press 

The personal accounts at the heart of a demonstration protesting decreased enrollment and hiring of African Americans at Swarthmore and demanding a Black Studies curriculum. The authors, all former students, present an insightful chronicle of the historical eight-day takeover, and also share stories about their families and experiences as activists.