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Cabinet of Treasures

Stu Hain, recently retired vice president of facilities and capital projects, is renowned for being a true collaborator. When I asked him to walk me through what he calls the “cabinet of treasures”— a tall, wooden, glass-doored cabinet in the Service Building—he brought with him longtime College mechanic Tom Cochrane.

Mike Boyd, a facilities project manager, walks by, quickly surveys the scene, and interjects, “I broke it all.” Among them, the trio represents nearly 100 years of shared experience fixing and caring for the campus.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Hain uses the designation of “treasure” lightly. And he’s clear about one point: “There’s no process by which we decide what goes inside this case.”

Here are Hain's thoughts on some of the many items perched in no apparent order, albeit amidst numerous architecture and other awards, on the shelves.