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Captioned! Winter 2016

We received the following submissions to our winter request for captions:

“The things of our creation will soon teach us.” 
—vivianamstulack at


“He made a Faustian deal: tenure, but only if he became a snowman.” 
—James Banko P’17


“I don’t care if it has been called ‘the most profoundly meditative art installation since the Rothko Chapel.’ I’m going back to Parrish.” 

—Bruce Lohman ’70


“... and now, why climate change matters.” —Jimmy Wu ’94


“Remarkably realistic seminar on Inuit life, eh?” —Jim Pasterczyk ’81


“College leaves adjunct faculty out in the cold.” —Anita Engh (partner of Daniel Adam Kraut ’00)


“I don’t get it. Sunshine is bad?” —James Banko P’17


“Don’t worry, he’s just an adjunct.” —Jim Pasterczyk ’81


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