Swarthmore Gay Liberation

Summer 2017

It thrilled me to read John Whyte ’74 describe the lastingly transformative effect of a 1973 student-run course on homosexuality and affirming presence of a gay movement on campus in the early ’70s (“Heartfelt, Hopeful, Happy,” spring 2017). We are all indebted to Jesse Ford ’73, whose stubborn vision created Swarthmore Gay Liberation. 


Papa Wheelie

Summer 2017

I can relate to the report on Lynn West Salvo ’71’s cross-country ride (“Life Is Like a Bike,” spring 2017): In 1986, with my 50th birthday approaching, I wanted a novel way to celebrate.


Here's to the Rest of Us

Summer 2017

I love reading Bulletin articles written by and about amazing, high-achieving grads, but then I think about all the others—the silent majority—who went on to “regular” lives.