Readers react to redesign

Winter 2015

The newly reformatted Bulletin came at a perfect time, and I was delighted and surprised by the changes. This issue had real stories of real interest, and I really read them. That has not happened often.


Liberal arts advocates should practice what they preach

Winter 2015

As a philosophy major, I enjoyed Prof. Deb Bergstrand’s essay on the value of teaching students to think in terms of the big picture and life lessons. But if I hear of another liberal arts professor arguing that employers like hiring people who think, I may scream.


Jeopardy! letter lacked respect

Winter 2015

I just read the letter to the editor in the fall Bulletin titled “Jeopardy!? Is this a Joke?” and I feel compelled to respond, because I was absolutely appalled by the writer’s condescending and judgmental tone.