Jeopardy!? Is this a joke?

Fall 2014

I waded through the article about Mr. Chu, hoping to find why this was ever written, and why then published. I never found out. An exemplary Swarthmore alum? Newsworthy? A lesson for our times? A comment on some aspect of the world? No to all the above.


Jeopardy! Hall of Fame grows

Fall 2014

I read with interest the July Bulletin article about Arthur Chu ’06, and am writing to let you know that I am another of Swarthmore’s Jeopardy! winners. I won $15,200 in a show that originally aired May 31, 1993, and lost in the next show because of timid betting in the final round.


Gelber Makes Important Mark on Climate Change

Fall 2014

I encourage all alums and all others in the greater Swarthmore community to see and talk about these shows.  They are an important contribution to our understandings and actions as we face global warming individually and together.

—Jeb Eddy ’63

Palo Alto, Calif.


Fooled by the Fins

Fall 2014

I know that car well. In 1956 I was a very car-conscious 16-year-old high-school senior. In January that year my friend Lester Neidell’s dad won a new red and white Ford Fairlane in a charity raffle. About a month later someone totaled it while Lester was driving.