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How well do you know your alma mater? Give this the ol’ College try!

1. What was special about the 1969 Halcyon?

2. Which co-creator of the Myers-Briggs personality test went to Swarthmore?

3. Sadly, Swarthmore’s swing tree was lost this summer in a storm. When did a previous tree swing fall?

4. When was the alumni magazine founded?

5. What notable women’s rights advocate played guard during Swarthmore’s 1904–05 basketball season?



1. It was the College’s first “yearbox,” providing room to “capture and preserve whatever of Swarthmore you would like—favorite photos, letters, junk mail, paperclips.” The yearbox included four softbound booklets, eight single-printed pages, and one printed fold-over, with its editors hoping that “as this box stays with you, the contents will be increased.”

2. Isabel Briggs-Myers, Class of 1919, who developed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator with her mother, Katharine Cook Briggs. Isabel and her matchbox husband, Clarence Myers, Class of 1917, both studied political science at Swarthmore.

3. Aug. 6, 1999; it was on a large red oak near Sharples Dining Hall. From the fall 1999 Bulletin: “‘It took matters into its own limbs’ and fell without the aid of a chain saw.”

4. Volume 1, Number 1 of the Garnet Letter was published in September 1935. It was renamed the Swarthmore College Bulletin in 1952 under the editorship of Maralyn Orbison Gillespie ’49.

5. Alice Paul, Class of 1905, was on the women’s varsity team her senior year. She was also a member of the Somerville Literary Society, Delta Alpha Sigma, and the Girls’ Athletic Club.