AERC Explaining African Economic Growth Project

May 2005 AERC Mini-Plenary Session on the Growth Project

"Policy Plus: African Economic Growth 1960-2000," Benno Ndulu and Stephen O’Connell, **REVISED JULY 2006**

"Opportunities and Choices," Paul Collier and Stephen O’Connell, **REVISED MAY 2006**

"The Political Economy of Control Regimes," Robert Bates.

"Why Has Burundi Grown So Slowly?" Janvier Nkuruziza and Floribert Ngaruko.

"Explaining African Economic Growth Experience: Togo Case Study," Tchabouré Aimé Gogué and Kodjo Evlo.

January 2005 Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE), Dakar, Senegal

"Explaining African Economic Growth: The Role of Anti-Growth Syndromes" (with Augustin K. Fosu).

May 2004 AERC Plenary Session paper on the Growth project

"Explaining African Economic Growth: Emerging Lessons from the Growth Project," October 2004. [Revised version of paper presented at the AERC Plenary Session, Nairobi, May 29, 2004. Click here for a PDF version (About viewing this document.)]

Macro/Growth Resources for Country Teams

"Revised Collins/Bosworth Growth Accounting Decompositions" (with Benno J. Ndulu), March 2003. [Click here for a PDF version.] This note updates section 4 of “Background Information on Economic Growth” [see below] and presents regional and country-by-country growth accounting decompositions based on new 1960-2000 data from Susan Collins.

"Differences between half-decadal dyn and gyso," December 2002. [Click here for a PDF version.] This memo summarizes the differences between alternative real GDP growth series used in the O’Connell/Ndulu “pooled full specification” and the Hoeffler augmented Solow model. These models are the basis of the fits and residuals reported in O’Connell and Ndulu (2000) and Ndulu and O’Connell (2000) [see below]. 

"Africa's Growth Performance: A Focus on Sources of Growth" (with Benno J. Ndulu), April 2000a. [Click here for a PDF version of the paper. (About viewing this document.)] This paper surveys the empirical growth literature and develops a specification that can be used by case study teams to place the performance of individual African countries in cross-country and intertemporal perspective.

"Background Information on Economic Growth" (with Benno J. Ndulu), April 2000b. [Click here for a PDF version of the paper. (About viewing this document.)] This paper summarizes the dataset used in "Africa's Growth Performance," reviews the methodology of regression-based decomposition of growth performance, and documents the country spreadsheets distributed to case study teams. See the March 2003 note above for an update of the growth accounting section.

Memos from C. Soludo and S. O’Connell (project co-coordinators) to Country Teams

"General comments to case study teams following the May 2002 review workshop" July 2002. [Click here for a PDF version.]

"Moving to a Final Report: a memo to case study teams" July 10, 2001 [Click here for a PDF version.]

Framework and Background Papers for the Growth Project

Additional framework and background papers for the growth project are available on Bob Bates's web page at Harvard.


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