The Science Building Project at Swarthmore College

The Swarthmore College Science Departments are currently housed in Dupont Hall (Physics and Astronomy, Mathematics and Statistics, Chemistry) and Martin Hall (Biology). These facilities, along with the Computer Science Program and the Cornell Science Library, will all undergo renovation and linking in the design and construction project described here.


This site serves to keep the community up-to-date on design, construction, and related issues, and will serve as a forum for feedback and interaction among various stakeholders in the project.

Please let us know what you think, and see what others have said.

Science Center Fundraising Gets a Boost

In response to a $100,000 Science Center challenge by the George I. Alden Trust, the College raised $437,500 in new gifts last year. With $26 million of the $71 million total cost raised to date, we extend our thanks to all who have contributed. If you would like to help Swarthmore sustain its leadership position in the undergraduate preparation of the nation's future scientists, please visit

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Guidelines for Campus Development at Swarthmore College

Science Project Committee members

Project Goals - developed by the committee to help guide the project

Design Team - the architects, landscape architects, engineers, and other team members

Hot News on the Project - check here for updates on construction and schedules

"Green Team" - a group to help gather information on environmental aspects of the project

Project Timeline - how the project is expected to evolve over time

Current Design of Project

Historical Evolution of the Design

Science Buildings at other institutions

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