Science Project Committee

Rachel Merz, Biology Department and co-chair of the Science Project Committee

Jennie Keith, Provost and co-chair of the Science Project Committee

Larry Schall, Vice President for Facilities and Services and co-chair of the Science Project Committee

Michael Brown, Physics/Astronomy Department

Carr Everbach, Engineering Department and Environmental Studies

Randall Exon, Art Department

Ted Fernald, Linguistics

Tom Hunter, Mathematics and Statistics

Charles Kelemen, Chair Division of Natural Sciences and Engineering

Steve Maurer, Mathematics and Statistics

Lisa Meeden, Computer Science

Paul Rablen, Chemistry Department

Amy Vollmer, Biology Department

Tom Cochran, Facilities Management

Susan Sayer, Facilities Management

Jan Semler, Facilities Management

Meg Spencer, Cornell Science Library

Dan West, Vice President for Alumni, Development, and Public Relations

Claire Sawyers, Scott Arboretum

Don Abromowitz, Occupational and Environmental Safety

Mary Hasbrouck, Technology Coordinator for Facilities & Services

Stuart Hain, Facilities Management

Paul Aslanian, Vice President for Finance and Planning

Suzanne Welsh, Office of the Treasurer

student members: Elizabeth Mei-Ling Tsai , Rebecca Paul, Chris Woodrell, Irene Garcia

members of the Board of Managers: Marc Sonnenfeld, Marge Scheuer, David Singleton

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last updated 4/12/01