Green Team Members

Currently the membership of this committee is Carr Everbach (chair), Michael Brown, Stu Hain, Don Abramowitz, Claire Sawyers, Mary Roth, Sierra Curtis-McLane, and Vasya Dostoinov. A complimentary green team has been selected among the design professionals (architects): Cahal Stephens (EYP), Kip Ellis (EYP), Doug Gehley (EYP), Ralph Gifford (EYP), Bill Shosho (EYP), Mara Baird, Chris Hope (Barclay-White) and Jennifer Tulley (HMG).

In addition to the above, a Science Project Environmental Task Force (SPETF) is being assembled to help gather information in support of the Green Team. If you are interested in helping the Task Force, please contact Carr Everbach.

The Green Team is charged with making recommendations to the Science Center Planning Committee concerning the environmental consequences of design, construction, and planning decisions. It will also coordinate the efforts of the Science Project Environmental Task Force. Please contact us if you have suggestions or questions.

see the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED 2.0) document and then check out our statement of Green Goals and Green Considerations.

Congratulations to Pennsylvania State government for choosing a Green electrical supplier.

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