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Sherkite Hoax Was a Poetry-Inspiring Incident

After reading the “The Great History Hoax of 1959” in the July Bulletin, I remember hearing about the Sherkite hoax when I was a student. It inspired me to write a few verses (with apologies to A.A. Milne), which I posted on one of the bulletin boards back then:

Mr. W asked

Mr. U, and

Mr. U asked

Mr. R:

“Have you any data on

The rare Sherkite sect?”

Mr. U asked Mr. R.

Mr. R

Said, “What’s that?

I’ll go and look it up.

It’s in

Beik and Lafore, I expect.”

Mr. R scratched

His head,

And shuffled through

His reference books.

“There’s certainly nothing here on

The so-called Sherkite sect.

I know that Booth

And Jezebel

Had much in common,


I think our information is

Quite possibly


Mr. R called

A conclave, and

Said unto his


“No authorities mention this

Mysterious Sherkite sect.

I’ve written to

Some experts, who

Are quite nonplussed

As we;

There’s been a little

Dirty work in

History 1, I suspect.”

The associates put

Their heads together

And issued a


“The theory of

The Sherkites we

Unanimously reject.

We’re sorry to disillusion


Who wished to hear

Prof. Englehardt—


There is no such organization as the d—-d Sherkite sect!”

Judith Leeds Inskeep ’60
Gwynedd, Pa.

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