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John Hopfield ’54

BOX_hopfield_john.jpgJohn Hopfield ’54 has been honored by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society with the 2009 Frank Rosenblatt Award. The award recognizes Hopfield’s seminal contributions to the understanding of information processing in biological systems. His work combining neurobiology, physics, and electrical engineering bridged the gap between biological processes and computer technology and serves as a basic paradigm in neuroscience for understanding how the brain carries out its tasks. He is the Howard Prior Professor Emeritus of Molecular Engineering at Princeton University. A fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Physical Society, Hopfield has also received the Dirac Medal from the International Center for Theoretical Physics, California Scientists of the Year Award, a MacArthur Prize, and the Einstein Prize of the World Cultural Council.

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