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Climate-change stories lauded

I was pleased to see two articles about global warming in the April Swarthmore College Bulletin. The local activism of Fran Hostettler Putnam ’69 is inspiring, and I had already begun promoting Years of Living Dangerously before I learned from the Bulletin that it was put together by David Gelber ’63. I was especially encouraged to learn that Jeremy Grantham, a manager of Swarthmore’s endowment, provided seed money for the film, as I am in favor of divestment of fossil fuel stocks from Swarthmore’s portfolio.

I hope you will continue to highlight the efforts of Swarthmore alumni to deal with climate change in the Bulletin. Projections, published recently in Scientific American, indicate that business as usual could result in a climate tipping point as soon as 2036. Atmospheric carbon dioxide was expected to hit a new all-time record in May of around 402 parts per million. You can keep track of it at:

Paul Lauenstein ’72
Sharon, Mass.

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