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Some are “Pro-Abortion”

In the April Bulletin letters, Judy Fletcher ’72 responded to conservative academic Robert George’s (’77) view on those in government who are “pro-abortion.” Fletcher stated: “No one is pro-abortion. They are pro-choice.” She went on to add that this issue should only be determined between a woman and her doctor. However, the vast amount of money that Planned Parenthood and other abortionists receive yearly performing that procedure, plus the outlay of dollars spent lobbying for abortion rights, present a different picture. I believe it to be naive to think that abortionists and their friends are not “pro-abortion.” And when big money lobbies our elected representatives, maybe this label can be applied to some of them as well.

On a lighter note, I was totally amazed and very delighted to read another letter from the same issue of the Bulletin from Volker Schachenmayr ’91, who is now a Cistercian (or Trappist) monk—as was the late and prolific writer Thomas Merton. My hat is off to Schachenmayr for a courageous and fascinating life choice.

Roger Karny ’76
Denver, Colo.

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