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Recent Alumni Connection Events


In November, alumni from Philadelphia and New York City converged in a Northern New Jersey town to take part in a joint-connection event at a fluorescent-mineral mine and museum. Organizer Jim Moskowitz ’88 remarked that it was great to see the alumni put aside their Yankees/Phillies partisanship and enjoy the outing. The group seen above is actually 300 feet below ground level.

Boston: Thanks to David Wright ’69, members of the Boston Connection were treated to a factory tour of Taza Chocolate in Somerville, Mass. True to Wonka style, the direct-trade, bean-to-bar factory allows tours only two days a year.

Houston: More than two dozen members of the Houston Connection brought their own wine and cheese to the home of Alida ’92 and Patrick ’89 Zweidler-McKay.

Thanks to the hosts and to Connection Co-Chairs Susan Tapscott ’72 and Lester Tran ’04 for organizing the event.

Seattle: Not to be outdone by Boston, Jay Schembs ’01 of the Seattle Connection organized a tour of Theo Chocolate, the only organic, fair-trade, bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the United States. Yes, the group received free samples!

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